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Day 13 Krakow – Prague (Poland Travel Blog) Oct 21, 2016

It’s a last day in Poland, heavy rain lasted from morning. I had really great time in Poland. I love every aspect of Poland so that leaving Poland was like kind of heartbreaking for me.. It’s sure thing to come back to Poland near future.. Anyway, I had to leave for Plague by bus and train but… I really couldn’t find the bus stop to take the shuttle.

It seemed really close from my apartment but it was a bit far than that, moreover, the shuttle stand for Plague was at really tricky place in the terminal for me so that I couldn’t manage to find it easily. Thanks to one kind Polish guy, I could find the bus just 1 minute before the departure time. I almost gave up to take the bus..


Changed to a train bound for Plague

Inside of the train

There was no one other than me in my car. Everybody takes a plane or cause it’s not high season? I didn’t know but anyway everything was clean and neat, new and comfortable. They even served coffee, water, and sandwich.


Platform from window, approaching Prague…

After only about 2.5 hours trip, I arrived at Praha central train station. Seeing the neon sigh of Praha, it seemed true that I was in Prague. New country, new travel, new things to witness.. I was sad to leave Poland but new feeling made me happy rather than that.

The sight in streets didn’t change drastically comparing Poland, but people there were different so that I could feel I was in a different country.

There were so many people and square and streets were clouded a lot. I knew that Prague is one of the major tourism spots but it surpassed my imagination. Everything was big and majestic, it was as if I was in Disney land.

There were some toy shops in Prague. My image of Prague is those colourful toys, long bridge, and Kafka.

This shop was my highlight of the day, I couldn’t miss this shop as a chocolate monster.

Each bar rotates gradually to bake the whole part and it’s served with melted chocolate inside. It’s chocolate dessert of dream.

I got a cup of hot red wine near this shop. A cut orange was in it and it gave the wine fruity flavor, good to have in winter.

Street were clouded till late at night. So many foreigners were there from all over the world.

I could see a castle in distance.

I booked an apartment room here in Prague as I did in Krakow but I couldn’t come back to my room and walked around and around the same streets..

All I could do today in Prague was just walking around the town but it was enough to feel the Prague. Every architecture was beautiful in the light and

My dinner for tonight was a Mexican sandwich.