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Prague Day 1-3 (Czech Travel Blog) Oct 22-24, 2016

Renting a river side apartment room , I stayed 3 days in Plague.

The room was really spacious and as there was a audio player, I bought a blue note jazz CD and played it loud. I had a good time as if I was at home.

Having an audio player in my room makes my inner life a bit sort of prosperous.

I don’t play CDs these days..

Record fans wouldn’t follow but CDs are good enough for me.

They are already tend to be even nostalgic old fashioned style.. the times change and move along but it sometimes brings back as it comes and go around.

The local supermarket was like this. Seeing around a supermarket in foreign countries is like one of sight-seeing spots for me. It makes me wow. Somewhat exciting experience is always guaranteed.

I got those for cooking dinner. I never had dinner at restaurants in Plague but just enjoyed my small local life humbly.

I bought a planted parsley as it was cheaper than cut one. It was like a small table flower for me during my 3 days stay in this apartment. Living things energise the space but having flowers is too much for men, a table parsley is much enough for me, could be even the best selection.

I could see the river from my apartment’s window.

European style cobbled path goes on

Those pictures are the one I took on the way to the Prague castle.

The Prague castle is on the hill so I had to come a bit long way to reach it but the view from the hill top was so much nice.

A toy museum in the premise. There were funny toy exhibitions like this.

— End of the Prague castle pictures —

Came back to the bridge at night.

Chips and a hot wine. A hot wine is my favourite here.

He is the iconic character in Prague. I could find him everywhere around the town. He is a mole character from a local animation.

All trip ended in safe and peace. I took a ticket at the train station.

Took a bus to the airport…. oh I have to embrace the fact of the end…

Coming back for ordinary days and the next next adventure sometime…

It was really a memorable trip for me. Everything was beautiful and fantastic.