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Day 8 Kazimierz Dolny – Lubin (Poland Travel Blog) Oct 16, 2016

Waked up in the morning, had breakfast, I relaxed at the living room of the hotel. It was like a pension hotel.

The owner lady was so friendly and kind, we had coffee and champagne together. She even offered an idea to get on the ride with her as she goes to Lublin, the beautiful major city in the east side of Poland. I decided to go with her and before leaving, walked around the town. I could took almost 2 hrs and visited hills and the castle there.

After that, I enjoyed lunch. Chicken breast with fruit, cranberry sauce with rice.

Very original classic style cuisine. New dishes, new sight, new experience, new people give me fresh stimulation.I love solo trip a lot though some people say it’s a crazy idea.

Getting on the lady’s jeep at 14:00, We left for Lublin. 50 mins ride from Kazimierz Dolny. The lady bought me a croissant and coffee at the service area in the middle of the way. Even a coffee chain’s croissant tasted like traditional bakery shop’s taste in here. People love croissants in Poland.

She dropped me off at the old down town and I could enjoy seeing around there.

Old church

After seeing the church, I suffered by acute abdominal pain and stand still inhaling and exhaling in the street. Without hesitating a moment , I checked in the nearest hotel and fully restored. Relieved to know the hotel offered the reasonable price despite of its majestic appearance.

Night fell down, the moon and floating clouds were mysteriously beautiful

Dinner at casual Italian restaurant, pizza, beer and whisky.