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Day 4 Gdansk (Poland Travel Blog) Oct 12, 2016

Working up in the morning and having breakfast, I decided to stay my room till the last minute of check out time limit cause I loved the room that much.

Checking out at 12:00, I visited the Amber museum. As the building was originally used as the place to kill or toucher caught people, there was some exhibition of such scene in the part of the museum.
Amber museum

I’m not a goer for such exhibition, but ambers were really impressive and I could enjoyed them whereas I hadn’t ever interested in ambers before.

I like those the bananas.

Ambers are made of old tree saps. After the sap aged around 400 yeas or so, it could be ambers. Thus people believe that ambers have strong power in them and protect from any bad things. After seeing the exhibition there, I bought some post cards at a nearby souvenir shop.

I usually don’t buy anything but tend to buy post cards lately but still I don’t know why I buy such things or I should happen to be a post card collector. Um, but I liked them and my instinct ordered me to buy them anyway at all.

Walking some steps, I sipped coffee at the coffee shop nearby which I was interested in yesterday. Good to come back in Gdansk so that I could know this nice coffee shop. I ordered a cup of American coffee and a cinnamon honey cheese cake.

They were perfect combination in cold winter day to relax and warm up. I stayed there long even after last sip finished to fully enjoy the cozy time and feeling and regain power for the next step in freezing air outside.

Next destination is Torun, an acient town in which Copernicus was born. Taking the train for 2.5 hrs, I arrived at night there. Walked and walked I managed to get to down town after going across a long bridge over the river.

I didn’t notice that the tour guide book instructed to take a bus from train station to down town. But anyway I could find a hotel in downtown and slept in a warm bed.

3 star hotel but really a nice room it was.

Dinner time, I had those wrapped and baked staff and potato cakes.

Ordered too much..

I just imagined a tiny wrap like the one like Chinese fried dumplings but they were like 10 times big. Potatoes were also big and huge volume. I managed to eat up 75% and brought back to the hotel the rest of it. Great beer days go on..