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Day 10-12 Krakow (Poland Travel Blog) Oct 18-20, 2016

Rented an apartment room, I stayed Krakow for 3 days. It was as if I lived in Poland. I had a room to go back, there were everything I needed, bed / washing machine / table / fridge… and one more thing. It’s a vodka glass. I loved drinking vodka in Poland so that at a supermarket near my apartment, I bought a small bottle of vodka. And surprised to know, vodka glasses were there in a cabinet drawer. They were welcomed me when I got home! It was really a nice decent room for me. Nothing is too much, nothing is insufficient.

Morning Krakow street, different look from night street look, simply I like it.

The first thing I did was popping in a chocolatier and had coffee & dessert there.

Slow time flowed peacefully at cozy coffee table.

I enjoyed the old town 3 days at will. I walked around the town if I want. I stayed at my apartment room for hours if I felt so. Coffee shops and restaurants were also relaxing space for me. I’ll show the pics I took during this 3 days…


At first night, I grabbed a kebab sandwitch and came back home. To make my 3 days more at home and happy, I bought instant coffee, vodka, chocolates, beers, sparking water. Chocolates & coffee are essential for my life, sparking water makes me more happy, plus, alcohol is like flowers for women, it makes the world more colourful and vivid. I need them all these days.

Kebab is always yummy all over the world

Everybody seeks for kebabs


Coffe shop at glance

Bunch of cakes & desserts in the window, so colourful

Beautiful serene scenery

Nothingness washes over my heart

I visited a museum to see Ukiyoe but unfortunately it was closed. But I could walk such a beautiful way along.



Seems this dragon spews fire periodically at certain interval. But I was lucky to see that inadvertently.

Walk in a park. Autumn tree’s leaves were tuned yellow.

Ordinary day, ordinary road

But it’s special for me


Inside the church was astonishingly artistic and classic. Such highly exceptional beauty of the church might be really rare in the world.

This convention of blue and gold was really beautiful and the pattern of the blue ceiling was also so much impressing.

Black and gold, classy and robust impression. I’ve never seen such colours were used in this way in other churches. Those were also my favourite angles.

It started raining.

Break at a restaurant

Pumplin soup

Veal chop

Another day at a restaurant

One more dinner pic at other restaurant

I like Krakow in the night

Clock tower is watching over the town