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Day 6 Torun – Warsaw (Poland Travel Blog) Oct 14, 2016

I visited the house of Copernicus today. I also visited there yesterday but it was unfortunately already closed and couldn’t look inside. His house was quite a mansion.


I could see the tools he used for astronomical observation.


After that I jumped in a taxi and headed to Torun train station to move to go back to Walsaw. I was planning to spare 5-10 mins for Copernicus’s house but took to much time cause there are more than I expected.

Arriving at Walsaw, I waked 1.5 hour to find a hotel to stay. In the end I found a decent hotel near the station… which is I stayed the first night in Poland.. Yeah, that was the best one. I just wanted to try other one to feel something new but all the hotels were fully occupied and I could find the last room at the hotel. Many people seems to travel Poland even in this cold season in October. Worth enough a try, I agree deeply as a Poland maniac. Cause I didn’t walk around Warsaw on the first day, I enjoyed Warsaw today enough.

Beautiful old district.

The restaurant which I had dinner was so good. It was opened 1960. I had deer’s meat there as my first experience.

The taste was almost like beef and completely there was no bad smell in it. The meat was so tender and really nice. I don’t know why it’s not common to eat deer despite of such goodness.

Warsaw cheese cake for dessert

It came with cranberries and served hot. I enjoyed different experience much.