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Day 5 Torun (Poland Travel Blog)Oct 13, 2016

I visited those spots in Torun today.

City council building museum



House of Copernicus

And I tried pierniki. Pierniki is local sweets. It’s like a soft cookie made from ginger, sugar and flour. Some are with fruit jams in them, some are coated with chocolate. I bought this addembly pack and walked with bites.

Pierniki shop

It is said that Chopin liked this cookies. I like the one with jam. Takimg a nap in a coffee shop and got back to the hotel room to relax, I went out for dinner.

Steak and beer at a grill restaurant

The little town was also beautiful at night.

On the way back to the hotel, I found those in a candy shop show window.

Seems it’s Halloween season

In extreme coldness, I ran back to the hotel before getting freezed.

I need hot shower! Brrrrrr