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Day 7 Warsaw – Kazimierz Dolny (Poland Travel Blog)Oct 15, 2016

Checked out the hotel, I bought this at the Kebab stand and walked in the deadly cold air toward old town district.


The chicken wrap amazingly tasted good. Everything tastes good in here, it’s so unthinkably great.

In the middle of the way I found difficulty to walk any bit forward and tried finding a coffee shop to warm up my chilled body. But I just found a nice church in sight and walked in there.

It was a church which had Chopin’s heart in it. Chopin couldn’t go back Poland due to the war after moving to France for his carrier. He asked his sister to bring back his heart after he died even if bringing back his whole body could be to no avail. As he pleaded, his heart was brought back to Poland after his death at the age of 39 years old.

After seeing the church I walked in a coffee shop. Coffee shops on Poland are so cozy and comfortable. Most of coffee shops have books in shelved for customers to read. How wonderful culture I admire it. Checking my tour guide book with coffee, I decided to walk to the Chopin museum which was about 500 meters apart from there.

Chopin museum

The museum was so good, especially I liked an audio room. There was a large dark audio room to show videos of pianists playing Chopin’s works on the screen and about 50 seats were there for visitors to watch it. I spend much time there and savoured the rendition. Not only listening but watching the play is also good to enjoy classical music, I realize that.

There were pianos which Chopin used exhibited there.


They were old pianos and looking its keys, they seemed not very good one compared to the one we have this time and day. It’s material could be better one but it may be a lot easier with the modern piano in our century. But imagining Chopin’s fingers were on them, it was something special and meaningful moments there. I wish had such museum near my apartment so that I could sit in there to watch screen play of pianists hours and hours there. I wanna come again here one day.

After that around 18:00, I took a mini bus to next destination Kazimierz Dolny. It is said that this small town is the most beautiful place in Poland. 2.5 hrs ride from Warsaw.It was raining when I arrived at Kazimierz Dolny. I got so wet till I finally found a nice hotel there cause some of them were occupied. The owner lady of the hotel was so kind and warm and welcomed me. I fixed up awful hair and had dinner at the restaurant just next to the hotel.

Fish and white wine

Good dinner truly makes me happy

Happy days go on