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Day 2 Gdansk (Poland Travel Blog) Oct 10, 2016

Checked out the hostel at 11:30, I went to Warsaw central rail station to visit next city Gdansk. Buying a ticket at the counter, I rushed down to the platform. I didn’t even have 10 seconds before the train left the station. Relieved not to buy another ticket, breakfast in the train.

Cranberry jam and blue/cheddar cheese sandwich!

The interior of the train was very clean and new. Several monitors were installed on the ceiling and there was free coffee service.

Rail trip, what I love the most..

Arriving at Gdansk after 3hrs trip, I headed south west with compass to visit tourism spots. The fist sight after going upstairs out of the station.

I got this bun at the station and bit it as I walked along the street. Sweet and home maid taste 🙂

Walked 10 mins, beautiful architectures appeared up in the street. Seemed I was walking the right course.

It was so cold. She feels the same…

There was a river in the end.

Waking around the town, I found a nice hotel which turned out really nice. I liked the room much and stayed 2 hrs there. So cozy.

But I’m in Poland, time to go out to feel something.. Popped in a restaurant and had dinner. What I ordered were..

Dark beer

Roast beef

Lager beer

Goat cheese cake

Dark beer

They really knocked me down. Really great experience. Yes, it was experience rather than just eating up something to fulfill the hunger. Roast beef wasn’t the slices but chunk of beef itself. I had it like a steak with a knife and folk.

The right way to spend money. I came back to the hotel with a can of alcohol.

Nice view from the window. I could hear the sound of bell of this church.

Relax relax relax…..zzz