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Ireland + UK, solo travel blog, day 4

Day 4 Cardiff

(4 Nov , 2018)


London – Cardiff

Woke up in the morning, I checked out the hostel and headed to a coach station to go to the next town called Cardiff in Wales.


There was a large park on the way, so peaceful morning to walk in such a beautiful park.


Morning bird

Morning people


Morning exercise


Everything looks fresh in the morning.

And I found a monument in this park which was so majestic with gold and the cross on top of it. I think this park should be more famous. Worth to visit to see this monument and walk in the park.



After that I walked to a coach station near this park.

And took this coach to Cardiff.



Arrived at Cardiff


After 3 hours, the bus finally arrived at Cardiff and I got off but I found nothing there.

It was just a residence area and all I could see was just ordinary houses there. No hotels, no tourism places, no bar, no restaurants… it was far away from my image.


I walked without thinking anyway but after 5 mins, I could find a hotel so luckily. Doubly luckily, I could connect free wifi outside of the hotel and could check the rate of the hotel before coming inside. Unfortunately the rate was double the price of my budget so I searched and found a budget hostel 500 meters away from there and started walking.

A river was there on my way.


And I found a big stadium beside the river.

The hostel was located in this river side and I opened my passport case to check in the hostel but I got into a trouble. I couldn’t find my passport in it.. I fumbled through my backpack and jeans pockets but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Again and again I checked everywhere repeatedly but my passport was completely lost and disappeared. What a trouble.. why I’m such careless in this trip?

I assumed that my passport would be left in the coach or lost some where else never to be found. Contacting the coach company? Need to go back to London by taking 3 hours travel back? Give up visiting Ireland? Will I be in time to take the return flight? Take a flight from London to Ireland in stead of taking a ferry to save time if the passport was found in London?(It would be pricy and not memorable) Taking a coach one more time from London to Cardiff?( It would be a too much tiring job)

Many things rushed in my mind but I could find my passport in 10 mins. It was in my passport case. Usually I can find it easily in it but it was in its coin case part and zipped up. My passport case is a rectangular one which can store bills, coins, cards in it. Why it’s in there? I completely had no idea. Never done this before..

Anyway I could get out of the bad feeling and get into happy mode again, checked in the hostel. The room was like this.

A black cat was sitting on the chair. Really a comfortable hostel run by nice people.

Long day ended without any problem.




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