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Day 3 London (UK Travel Blog) Jun 3, 2017


There are many big musical theatres in London and it’s like as if in Broadway. I didn’t know about it but I decided to buy a ticket for Aladdin tonight. Honestly speaking, I wanted to buy other shows but they were fully booked or out of schedule. Aladdin is Disney anime, it’s for children and I’m in middle of 30’s.. But the guy in ticket office highly recommended Aladdin and I came to know that such my thought was completely wrong, the show was terribly amazing. It was the last stage for two main actors who played main characters and some other actors. Audience gave standing ovation in the end and of course I was the one of them. It was really really fantastic.



This is the theatre for Aladdin. I had coffee and cake at a cafe with a voucher which came with my musical ticket. Wait for the musical starts at a cafe, what a nice holiday it is, I want to live my life this way.


Inside the theatre, all red gorgeous interior.



The show is about to begin after the red curtains open.



After the show. The street was filled with people.



This area is called West End located in the center of London where you can find major tourist attractions. Just seeing the musical theatres like this from outside will be good experience.



There was a theatre for Harry Potter, too.



Just a tree, just a sign, just a street, just a telephone box, just a bus, just people there look cool in London.



I’ve never imagined there are so many big gorgeous theatre like this in London. It was as if I was in New York though I’ve never been to. City of entertainment! I traveled nearly 20 countries so far but London gave me the first culture shock. Everything is too cool and energetic though my image was matured serene city in cold rain, people are amazingly nice, what else do I need? Nothing. Returning home, I noticed that I lost my credit, oh my..