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Day 9 Edinburgh Scotland (UK Travel Blog) Jun 9, 2017

Today is the last day. Checked out the dormitory in the morning, I moved to other dormitory in the city. There are more than 10 dormitory buildings in the premise and I was wandering which way to go having a college facility map with my hand. But kind Scottish girl soon told me the way before asking. The land is filled with warm hearted people. I visited Edinburgh castle today. The weather was so fine as if it is a gift for my last day in Scotland.



Edinburgh castle


View from the castle


Yard in the castle


There were swords, lances, and armours arranged in the room.


Lunch at a restaurant. Monster beef burger and french fries. The burger looked healthy food as it was not fried up.



The Forth Bridge

This is a rail way bridge which was opened in 1890.


View near the bridge


Took a train to go back to the city center. See the bridge outside from the window?



Mexican burrito for the last meal. Why it’s not Scottish food? Cause I just felt like so. I couldn’t pass through this restaurant in the street. It was so yummy. But I came to know later that the traditional food in here is Scotch egg. I should have tried that.



Rice inside, terrific idea. I’m an ardent rice admirer.


Came back to the dormitory, everything was amazing during this trip. I’m really happy with the decision I made to visit England and Scotland. So great, no doubt.