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Day 5 London (UK Travel Blog) Jun 5, 2017

In the morning, I took a bus to go see changing of guard at Buckingham palace. This is the last day in London.

I was in time but couldn’t see changing of guard today. Anyway I could see something good there. Guards were riding horses and I could see them pass through the way in front of Buckingham palace.

I really like this park near Buckingham palace.

Lunch at my favourite sushi shop Itsu. This is the third time during my stay in London. Sushi box and spicy noodle.

After lunch, I visited British museum. It’s free. There was a paid exhibition for Japanese Ukiyoe art inside but unfortunately it was sold out and I couldn’t see it. Hope I can see it someday but I was a bit happy to know it’s sold out as I felt Ukiyoe attracted people’s attention that much.



I walked too much and got tired, charged myself at a cafe. After that, I walked at will and found this m&m’s shop.

Chocolate server were installed all around the walls. How could it be good if I have this in my office.

You can get a plastic bag and pack those chocolates up to create your own mix.

Those chocolate servers were in the basement floor.


On the ground floor, I could find those funny goods.



Almost odd but somewhat intriguing. I like the red.

m&m’s bus

He is the driver, doesn’t look a safe diligent driver. I’d better to wait for the next bus coming but I like the way he smiles inside.

Les Miserable was in play. I walked around to find a restaurant to have lunch.

Lobster roll! I decided to have it for lunch. It was my first lobster roll in my life. Hope it’s 4 times bigger the size but this size was enough for me to pay I think. Lobster roll £12 + Fries £3 = £15 ($20) It will be nearly $100 if I bought 4 of them. Happy lunch time anyway with a bottled beer.


It was cloudy all day today but never rained. I heard that it rains often in UK but it wasn’t so far. Good for travelers.

At a coffee shop, I waited for the musical show to start. Tonight’s show is Phantom of the opera.

This was the theatre for Phantom of the opera.

Nothing special but streets are the art.