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Day 6 Glasgow Scotland (UK Travel Blog) Jun 6, 2017

Taking a train from London, I left for Scotland this morning.


Good bye London



From the window I saw it started raining.



Arrived at Glasgow which is a major city in Scotland, it was 4 hours travel. I’m finally in Scotland!


As Scotland is so far from Japan, it was hard for me to guess how it’s like. So mysterious world to me and that’s why it triggered me to come to Scotland. It feels like an adventure. Just seeing people in the station was exciting for me. Yes they are Scottish!



Streets were like this. Buildings are old and in a bit dark tone, cloudy sky and rain impose one tone darker greyish atmosphere. I liked such a conservative world. It would be nice to soak in reading books with coffee or whiskey in such a city.



A shuttle bus was pulled along. Its colour was so vivid and looked far from the tone of the town. The whole image of the town is nice and chic that much.


There weren’t so many people all over the town.



Red looks good in such a world.



The main street was nice, there were some shops, restaurants and coffee shops.


Old and new coexist in here. Just seeing plastic shopping mall is somewhat scarce and sad. Such traditional architectures have much importance on people’s inner life I believe. I want them to be preserved for hundreds or thousands of years more.



I found a pop coloured phone at a variety shop. I want this but not in need at all. I have no reason to buy it and have to leave the shop despite my strong desire for it.. haha. I frequently encounter such a feeling in every variety shop. Just see and go. Sometimes I can’t go..



Fish Fish Fish



I liked this bag.


2020-06-10 18.23.58


Fish and chips at a bar.













I tried a funny canned beer. I eat french fries every day during this trip. It always comes with every food I order and this time there are two. One came with macaroni & cheese and the other came with fried fish. french fries rush goes on.