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Ireland + UK, solo travel blog, Day 1

Day 1 London

(1 Nov , 2018)

I decided to travel round Ireland this time. Why Ireland? I don’t know. It was hard for me to imagine how Ireland is like. Icing cold, very far northern land, and….. no idea. That’s why I need to visit Ireland to discover something I don’t know. Not simply taking a flight to Ireland, I would take a ferry from Wales in UK which bounds for a port town called Waterford in Ireland. So my trip started from London this time and I also visited Cotswolds, Oxford and Wales before taking a ferry in UK.



[Route map]

[London - Ireland]  Ferry trip 
London - Cardiff in Wales by bus
Cardiff - Fishguard ferry port in Wales by train
Fishguard - Rosslare ferry port in Ireland by ferry (3.5h)
[In Ireland]  99% bus trip 
[Ireland - London]  Airplane  trip


Travel started..


Took a Norwegian airline flight this time, its red and white body looks cool.



After nearly 15 hours flight, I finally arrived at Gatwick airport in UK. The first thing was to access to city center by train so I bought an airport link train ticket on the web and walked to the train station then waited for the train to come at the platform.



Then this red train came to bring me to underground Victoria station.



Arriving at Victoria station, first scene in UK started with this brass band performance by London troops.



Everybody was keen to take pictures of their performance and I was one of them. It was so hard to take those pictures in the crowd.



It was really lucky for me to see the performance upon arrival in UK.



Before taking underground, I got Oyster, an IC card for taking Underground. Underground is metro in London.



Underground platform. I could see this lovely train again, this is my second visit in Briton.



Taking underground, I arrived at High street Kensington station. I took too much time to come to here cause I took a wrong one but okay, I had enough time left for going wrong. 18 days lasting long long golden holidays is just about to begin.



The street was like this, yes the iconic red buses come and go.



Just next t to the station, I found a sweets shop.



Varieties of sweets to make everyone happy.



Tons of candies and chocolates



Full lineup



On the way to the backpacker’s hostel, I heard sounds like gun shots and looking at the direction of the sound, I saw something above a building as you can see in the following picture.



They were fireworks. But I didn’t know why there were fireworks going on. There wasn’t any festival held nor people didn’t pay attention to them. Anyway I was lucky again to see it.



An iconic red post was there in the street. Yes, I’m in London.



I had this chili pork boxed bento at a Japanese fast food shop.



After that I walked to the backpacker’s hostel and upon arrival, the first trouble was waiting for me. Double booking. I seemed to book two beds for me though I was a solo traveler. Far better than not having a bed to sleep tonight but anyway I requested canceling the extra bed by contacting the booking agent. To my surprise, the bed was 3 stories and my bed was on the top of it so I needed to watch the ceiling so close while I was lying in my bed. But, to my surprise again, it was really nice unexpectedly. I could sleep so well without any disturbance this time.



Good night..




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