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Day 4 Pai (Thailand Travel Blog)Nov 13, 2016

Breakfast at the hotel

It makes me happy to have an omlete in the morning. I don’t know why but two boiled eggs cannot beat a small omlete. Omlet is something special on the morning table.

Nice weather. The sign makes me feel “I’m in Pai” feeling.

Pai memorial bridge

This bridge was originally built by Japanese army during the world war II. Young bride and groom were taking pictures on the bridge.


You can try bamboo rafting in this river if you want.


Hot spring

The water was extremely hot. I think it’s more that 45 celcius degree but as I could find a point where its temperature was about 42 or something like that, I enjoyed the hot spring.


I never can do this not to sacrifice my life when least expected but he makes this picture more real. Yes, it’s a thrilling high hill.

Sun goes down

Private vila we stayed.

This is not a good picture but it was really a nice vila.