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Phu Tok in Chiang Khan (Thailand Travel Blog) Oct 17 2019

Woke up in the early morning before 6:00 AM in the river side hotel, I had two things to do.



One is joining Takuhatsu which is for monks to collect minimum foods from believers for their living and for believers to earn merit from it. Sitting in front of the hotel, we waited for monks to come.



When a monk comes in front of me, I just give him a pinch of rice first and then food follows such as rice cakes, noodle or flower.



Actually I didn’t plan to do this for my self and just was standing aside to take pictures, however, a kind Thai woman from the same hotel taught me how to do it so it was good for me to have experience like this. After that, I took a tuk-tuk ride to head to a hill called Phu Tok.



It was only 4km from my hostel in Walking street.



After the ride, I arrived in the skirt of the hill where some foods were sold like this.



But it’s time to see the view, food can be secondary.. I changed to a songthaew to come to top of the hill.



Songthaew goes the way



And it came up to the top of the hill.



I could see the view from the hill top like this which is often said like Sea of fog. The landscape under the fog was also beautiful.



Season for the sea of fog is from November to February or March but I could see the view like this in the middle of October so I recommend you to give it a try if it is out of season.



You would see sunrise at least.



And take pictures..



There was a place to pray even on the top of the hill like this. Religious Thai people pray anytime everywhere.



Swing for children.



After all, I took a Songthaew and came back to the place where I could find food stalls.



Breakfast time with pork congee. Its simple taste can be good starter of the day.



And one more thing.



Sweet potato!



It was good as well. I like those foods with simple natural taste. I enjoyed the breakfast and the same tuk-tuk driver guy sent me back to my hotel.


Good bye Phu Tok







(To be continued)