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Day 6-7 Tha Ton (Thailand Travel Blog)Nov 15-16, 2016

Day 6

I decided to leave for Chan rai by taking bus and boat today. 3 hours bus + 3 hours boat, it’s a long trip.

Well, there are easier ways to get to there but I prefer to experience something new and not in hurry. The boat trip was attractive for me as it is a small boat for about 10 passengers only and not only 10-15 mins, it takes about 3 hours long.


Bus finally arrived at the river side like this. Yes, I take a boat from here to Chan rai. It looked so good when I saw a picture of this river and imagined my boat trip there.



And I had lunch at a river side cafe. How nice. Ham&egg sandwich with chips and coffee. I don’t need anything more than this. Feeling good.



At night, this river side walk turned to a little night market.



I couldn’t imagine this change as there was no hint.



So many people flocked to the street though there were a few people in daytime.



It was good to see such night market as I thought there would be nothing but river and temple.


I stayed at a river side hotel tonight.


Day 7


Breakfast at a cafe. Yes, I came back to the same cafe this morning. I like this cafe’s cozy feeling.


After breakfast, I took a small boat to Chiang rai.


Water splashed sometimes and water colour was fully brown like this. It was really good to have boat travel on such a sunny day. A blue transparent water isn’t only thing to enjoy. I like this wild brown river.



Boat trip took about 3 hours and honestly speaking I was almost exhausted when I arrived at the destination. But it was good as once in a life time experience. After that I took a bike taxi and I moved to my hotel. I sat back of the driver and it was about 30 mins ride. I even witnessed 3 or 4 people rode one motorbike together in the street. The driver was mother and the rest were children and it was wow moment to see it.



I enjoyed dinner at food court in Chan rai. I love Thai food a lot for its much addictive taste and flavour.