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Day 5 Chang mai (Thailand Travel Blog)Nov 14, 2016

After lunch in Pai, we took a van and moved back to Chang mai to visit lantern festival. It took 3 hours but I felt no pain cause I was deeply in sleep in the journey. But as winding road lasted long hours, I needed to hang to somewhere every time my body was shook in the van. I moved back and forth in between the real and dream. Arriving at Chiang mai we changed to a bus to the festival venue. Local people were in river side to launch lanterns there.

Lanterns go up to dark sky high

We foreigners bought tickets and could come in the university’s yard where the festival was held. Probably few local people would buy those tickets. Light snack, food and souvenir was provided. The souvenir was an elephant head rest cushion but I left it in a taxi when I got to the airport to fly back.

We lighted the lantern and it slowly floated up in the sky high. The number of lanterns were countless like the starts.