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Day 10 Limerick part 3 (Ireland + UK Travel Blog) Nov 10, 2018)


Went out of the castle, there were nice bars just in front of it.

It would be great to have Guinness at the table outside.



Just a little bridge across the River Shannon.



On my way back to the bus terminal, there was a museum but seemed it was already closed.

Just seeing the building from outside was fine with me as I enjoyed the King John’s castle enough this time.



Kept walking the street



Took a picture of barber’s shop.

It’s like a kid’s VIP room to have haircut on a smashing car in such a large private space.



Walked through the way ahead, I looked around in a shopping mall.



Book sale






So many jams on the shelves.



m&m’s in cookies! I’ve never imagined such cookies exist in this world.



Sponge cakes



Meat, just curious to see a foreign country’s supermarket.



There was a nice crepe shop stand.

It must be good as I could see people in queue to buy their crepes.

I like the red color, large yellow sign and their uniforms.



It got darker, night fell in the town.



Went straight the street



I finally came back to the bus/train terminal.



Before taking the bus, I needed something to eat so I bought a takeaway fish&chips.



Came inside the terminal.



Train gate






But I didn’t need to take train this time.


Sat on the bench, I opened the bag of fish&chips.



It was big fish and large chips, so great taste with vinegar.



I believe it was the best choice to have the fish&chips before taking a bus in the end of day.

It could not have been anything else. Nothing could be the replacement to fill in my stomach perfectly like this.

As there was time left for the bus, I waited in Starbucks in the terminal.



The next destination is Galway.


I left Starbucks and waited for the bus to come but it never appeared more than 30 mins.


Different buses came and left.




I missed the bus already??


Such a thought hit upon my mind but running late nearly for 30-40 mins, the bus came at the terminal finally.




So relieved. Missing a bus in the end of day could be fatal damage for a traveler.



After 2 hours, the bus arrived at Galway, a big hub town for major tourism points.




It was around 22:00 so I decided to grab something to eat and have it at my hostel.



Supermarket was there near the bus stop.



I bought those ones.



The snack on the right was a thin yogurt flavored rice cake. Tasted good.


The hostel was so great like this.



There was a pool table and iMACs.



Fish in an aquarium



Bed for tonight



Good night



(Next day)