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Day 8 Cork part 3 (Ireland + UK Travel Blog) Nov 8, 2018


After seeing the church, I decided to visit University college Cork and walked the way ahead and found a park on the way.



There were many beautiful yellowish autumn trees.

After going through the park, found the cross stood and overlooking the Cork town.

Finally, I could come to UCC, University college Cork.

The first thing caught in my eyes was a student hall. Students were having food and relaxed there.

Center yard


Yard and school building

It was like a castle!

After that, I walked the way back to center of Cork town.


Beautiful trees and river on the way.



I really like the nature in Ireland.


It’s too beautiful.

How can it be beautiful this much?

It’s beyond my thought. I never want to forget the beauty of Ireland.


In the end, I found a nice coffee shop.

Wooden country table counter and boards looked so nice.

I ordered this dark chocolate drink.


After relaxing for a while with the drink, I walked to a coach station to take a bus to next destination Killarney.



Good bye Cork, it was really an exciting town.


After 1.5 hours, the bus arrived in Killarney.

There was a church near the coach station.


And a white statue

Fighting deer

Nice hotels in the light

Hardware store

Lift car

Super parket

Fruits and vegetables




Leather goods shop

Halloween pumpkin wallet smiling

Waking the road like this,


I found the hostel for tonight.

It was a backpackers hostel but the common area was like this.

So large.


After check-in, I went outside to grab something to eat.


Bar in nice painting and light.

Nice restaurant

Real estate office


How much to buy houses in Ireland? I was curious about it and check the price. It would be far higher in Dublin though.

I found a convenience store and bought all I needed.

Those were my essentials for tonight. I cloud relax in the large common room happily enough.


Happy days go on.


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