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Day 9 Istanbul (Turkey Travel Blog) Jun 30, 2012


This is the last day in Turkey.



I visited Egyptian market today.



It was a bit far from my hotel but sill within walking distance.



Good to take a walk in the morning.



Getting a bit crowded as I walked in to the center part.



It was a really huge market and I could see hundreds of shops selling varieties of staff.



Tea delivery.



So large market.



Spice shop



So many types of spices and they are so colourful like paints.



I grabbed watermelons to water my thirst.



Lunch at a restaurant.



I tried mint tea this time for my first experience in my life. It was good to relax. I hardly had a tea but always tend to drink coffee but coming in Turkey, I really feel comfortable having time with tea to relax.



Travel ended and I headed to the airport. The taxi driver bought apricots on the way and gave me some. So nice. It was first time for me to have raw apricots.



Arriving at the airport I encountered a big pinch. My passport wasn’t with me in my backpack.. I checked all my pockets and inside the backpack, got all the staff out from it and carefully checked everywhere but there wasn’t. Time was up for the flight and I asked CAs what to do next. They told me how to issue a temporary passport in embassy but it was closed today and to make matters worse, tomorrow is the first day to enroll in a new company. I completely thought that I lost my passport but after checked everything, it hit my mind that there would be possibility that I just left it in my hotel. Unfortunately I didn’t remember the name of the hotel cause I just found in the street and didn’t book it in advance.

But after struggling, I could finally remember the name of the hotel. It was almost a miracle. Anyway I searched the name of the hotel on the web and found the hotel, and made a call to ask if there is my passport left in my room. Yes, it was in the hotel room! I went back to the hotel and eventually got my passport. It was hard to find the hotel in the town. I almost forgot the location of it. I needed to pay extra hundreds bucks to buy a return ticket but could go back to Japan the next day.

I could enrol the new company but there was a bit trouble. I sent an email to HR about my absence due to the circumstance but the person I sent the email was unfortunately on leave so nobody knew about my situation. Anyway, looking back, everything went all right all in all in Turkey and I am a big Turkey fan after this trip.