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Day 6 Cappadocia (Turkey Travel Blog) Jun 27, 2012


Arriving at Cappadocia, first thing I saw was those line of small vehicle riders.


Looks fun. It’s one of tour activities here, you can ride those vehicles here and see around the town.



I joined a different day tour today to see caves and other places.


Camel at rest


Nice to see him, I’ve only seen camels in a zoo. It was first time for me to see a camel out of fences. You can ride him by paying some money.



He looked at my camera and got a bit upset cause I shot him too close. I was about to be attacked by him. A camel keeper stoped me before that.





Beautiful hills



The shape of the hills looked so distinctive. How can it be like this? It’s as if cared and maintained by specialists. It’s art of the nature.



It’s like a snail.




Inside the cave



Black cat underneath the tree



Sleeping on the sand



Yogurt drink, mild and fresh!



Nature is well preserved in here. Nothing breaks in my view to see the open sky.



I found blue coloured flowers which I’ve never seen.



I rarely saw flowers in here, this blue flower might be a strong surviver.



Red roofs show beautiful contrast with nature colours.



Full of nature, much detached from the city life.



After seeing the caves, I visited a pottery art house. He kicked the turn table under his foot and it started turned around.



After that I visited other place. It’s like a super Mario world.



Stones are piled and cut like arts.



It might be a tough work to carve out of huge stones like this without machines.



I also visited a carpet wholesale shop in the tour. Shop staff throw and catch the carpet one by one and roll them all out on the floor.



Presentation started



You can buy any carpet you want and they can deliver it to your home by international shipping.



There are cave hotels made of stones here which accommodate customer to stay. The ones in this picture might be the cave hotels. I stayed in a normal hotel but it will be nice to stay such a hotel if you afford it.



Carpet shop in the town



When I was walking the street, I could meet some solo travelers. Turkey might be attractive destination for solo travelers. Everything is unique and special, different from Europe or Asia. I don’t know anything about the middle east countries but Turkey might be different from such countries.


Night falls and I slept at my hotel. I need to wake up at 4:00 AM tomorrow cause I…