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Day 4 Bergama (Turkey Travel Blog) Jun 25, 2012


I could seep better than I thought, only 4 hours sleep in bed was enough to restore my exhausted body and soul. Hotel fee was not cheap but it wasn’t a waste. I checked out and walked about 1km, and as one taxi driver talked to me, asked for a ride to Pergamum Acropolis. Glad to visit such a place where I could only saw on a text book at school.



Pergamum Acropolis


Temple of Trajan in Pergamum Acropolis




Opposite side was like this. It was hot and nice weather so I felt like swimming in here if I have swim pants.



Break time at a little cafe on the hill. Carpets and chairs were so Turkish.



A cat matches those patterns much. I was playing with this cat more than 30 mins. Dogs and cats in turkey are so friendly as people are.



After that I took a cable car to go back.



Lunch, salty yogurt is almost essential on the table these days. My tongue already tuned to Turkish mode.



And a chocolate bar is another essential resource for me.



Move by a mini bus


Sandwich and cola, another break time in somewhere else.



I took a van to next destination Pamukkale. At the van pickup point, a boy talked to me and told that his family runs a hotel in Pamukkale so that I decided to stay his hotel tonight.



Arrived at the hotel, dinner with beer



There was a swimming pool and a rest space like this in the hotel.