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Day 2 Istanbul – Çanakkale (Turkey Travel Blog) Jun 23, 2012


Checked out the hotel, I left for Çanakkale, a small city of seaport. I took a train to a bus terminal.


Train token machine,


Platform was like this.



Inside the car, it was clean and new.



Bus terminal



I had lunch at a restaurant in the terminal while I wait for the bus.



Tandoori chicken


Much vegetables were provided before waiting for the tandoori chicken to be served on my table.



Turkish style tea. Turkish people drink tea with this kind of a tiny glass with sugar. It seems that people prefer to drink tea rather than coffee here.



View from the bus, idyllic scenery. I takes nearly 6 hours from Istanbul to Çanakkale. Quite long travel.



There were two young teenage cabin attendant boys and they served snacks like cookies and crackers with tea in the bus. I’ve never taken such a service in a bus. Amazing. Turkish enjoys tea time even in a bus. I like the way Turkish people travel like that, so nice.


The bus boarded on a ship and the ship carried us with our bus.



It was first time for me to see cars and their drivers on a ship together and yes, I was on the bus like this. A bus and its passengers moves by a ship. It was cool.



Arrived in Çanakkale port.



Took off the bus.



Sunset time was almost coming.



I took a walk to find a good hotel somewhere in the town.



After walking around a few minutes, I could find a room like this, the hotel staff was so kind and friendly. I love people here in Çanakkale a lot.



Clock tower



It’s not a big city but there were many people walking around for bars and restaurants.



Mackerel sandwich, it was so simple taste but I love this much. Mackerel meets buns, why it never occurred in my life? More mackerels should meet buns to make the world better. It’s a popular food in here.



Melty cheeeeeeeeese



Many boats along side the seaside street



And a big cruiser












There were many restaurants and bars.



Ice cream shop, everybody loves ice cream.



Vibrant town but not too clouded, I like such balanced vibration.



I bought some beer and snack, sitting at the port side and enjoyed the slow peaceful night in the port view and wind. I love this little cozy port town’s atmosphere so much.



The moon looked different in here. Not normal crescent moon but its edge was round and looked like the one in a fantasy story book picture.