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Day 3 日月潭 (Taiwan Travel Blog) Nov 26, 2015

Leaving Taipei in the morning, I took a train and a shuttle bus to head for 日月潭(Sun moon lake) today.


Bought a ticket from this ticket machine.


Train ticket to 台中

Waited for the train to come in the platform.


To my surprise, station staff speak Japanese in Taiwan. They told me which platform I should go in Japanese whereas I didn’t tell them I’m a Japanese.

Before getting on the train, I got a lunch box. People here buy a lunch box and enjoy it in the train. I really love this style.


I chose this boxed lunch, cool package.


Pork on rice

It was hard to find the bus stop for Sun moon lake after getting off the train but I could managed to find it in the end after walking around and around. Taking 2 hours travel, bus reached at Sun moon lake. It was really a nice place far away from city, peaceful serene place, and its air felt like a bit cold and clear. There were may boats in the lake port.


I bought a ticket for the boat.

My boat one this middle sized one.

View from the boat


Back side of the boat. Far away from the port.

After taking off the boat, I went up stairs and came to a point up on the hill to view the lake.



Red leaves


Autumn trees

After that, went down the stairs, I dropped off my iPhone and crashed its screen.. God… But I could keep taking pics like this cause it crashed not too bad. Not a big deal to devastate my trip to go on.

Sunset time, going back to the ferry station.


Sunset view on the boat
Night fell in the port and I went back to 台中 station by bus and train.
(Next day)