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Day 2 (Philippines Travel Blog) Sep 6, 2015

I visited two churches in Manila today. Both were beautiful but I like the old one more.

San Agustin Church, one of the oldest church of stone in Philippines which was built in 1599 – 1606.

Courtyard inside the church

Manila cathedral


Taking an airplane in the afternoon, I flied to Bohol island which is a renowned beach resort area.

Sky is blue and the ocean is blue. BLUE world.


Beautiful island

At the exit of the airport, there were may taxi drivers who were waiting there to get customers. One guy talked to me and I took his ride to my hotel. As he recommended some places to visit by his ride, I decided to join the firefly watching tour for tonight.

At restaurant inside of my hotel, I took club sandwiches and orange juice.



It’s nothing special but I could feel Philippines.


After dinner, the taxi guy picked me up at night and he took me to a river side then I changed to a small boat to see fireflies.



I was the only one on the boat so it was completely a private ride.






they are..



I could see fireflies lighting in some trees. It’s hard to find them in the pictures but they were surely there. This is just due to mobile phone camera’s limited capacity, it’s worth a try to joining a firefly tour. Insects are lighting themselves, wonder experience to see it.


Second day ended like this.


(Next day)