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Day 1 (Philippines Travel Blog) Sep 5, 2015

I heard that Manila airport is dangerous but nothing fell upon me. It was just a normal airport as far as I see. I took a taxi from airport to head to a bus terminal to visit a summer retreat place called Tagaytay. The terminal was near the airport so it only took 10 mins drive. The bus was about to leave when I arrived at the terminal so I rushed to a food stand besides the terminal and bought a steamed meat bun and water, then jumped in the bus.









Arriving at the final destination of the bus, I didn’t know what to do as the guide book didn’t tell me anything. I even didn’t know where I was in on the map as there was no bus stop sign. Streets were like this. Everybody was riding a motorbike here.




Lunch time


I had a lunch at Macdonald, it hardly happens to me but I found something unusual with the pic on the shop’s window. It was Rice with Chicken. The wrapped staff in upper right in the pic is rice. It was first time for me to have rice at Macdonald. The taste was nothing special but the experience was definitely new and special for me. After lunch I talked to some automobile drivers like this.




But they just shook their heads to go to the place called city market to take a van to Taal Volcano. One guy finally gave me a ride .



I’m on this side car. Fun ride.



I moved to a hill by this bike taxi where I could oversee Taal Volcano.


I needed to charter a boat and went across the river to approach the volcano.



View from the boat, the volcano looked very near but actually a bit far. I could enjoy the private cruise.



Land approaches..



Unexpectedly I could ride a horse to climb up the mountain.



It took about 20 mins to go up to the top of the mountain so that I could ride the horse quite long time.


On the horse


It’s about 40 mins for round trip. So much fun for me but the horse was pity to be so fatigue all the way cause the path was so much hard slope and some points was so sloppy. She worked so much hard for me.



The scenery from the top of the mountain was so good. I could overlook this beautiful green lake surrounded by the volcano.




Souvenir shop at the top of the mountain



On the top


After enjoying the view from there heavy rain suddenly started and I waited for the rain to cease at a small rest place near top of the mountain like this.



I was watching this horse after rain.



And she was watching me back.


Horses must have emotion close to us. I wish I could ride on a horse more in near future. After that, I went back all the way to down town in Manila by bus. There was a small muffin shop near the stop and I got those mini coconut ball cakes.



It was amazingly good. No one would guess how it’s good before they put it in their mouths. I really recommend you to buy this staff for yourself and your family and friends. I don’t understand why it tastes so damn good.



Bus arrived at downtown of Manila.



I took a small bike taxi and headed to my hotel. The bike has no side car, just a 50 cc small automobile and I needed to sit back of the driver. It was so thrilling ride cause the speed was nearly 70km I guess and I just wore half trunks swim pants.


There wasn’t enough space to sit in the back of the driver, the step was so small so I hardly could put my foots on it. I seriously concentrated on hanging to the seat and balancing my body, then kept thinking how to survive in case I fell out of the automobile… It was really fortunate that I survived this game and writing this blog like this, haha.


After 30 mins of this dead race, I finally arrived at my hotel and bought those alcohols and dessert at a nearby convenience store. The Chocolate was so smooth and good.



Chocolate is my life.


And the local beer was also good. I found nothing dangerous around my hotel but we need to pay attention wherever we are in abroad (or better to say in this world).


It was a nice start of the trip today.



(Next day)