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Day 2 Langkawi (Malaysia Travel Blog) 1/26 2019


Morning has come.



I met some folks.


Cat in my hostel


Hens near the hostel


and chicks


Cat near my hostel


Cat in the beach


Such a beautiful morning beach exists in this world. We need to visit such an open world sometimes apart from small tedious days.



Breakfast at a restaurant. Fried rice with chicken, cucumber juice. Cucumber juice is just a refreshing taste juice, not bad.



After breakfast, I took a taxi to visit a hot spring called Ayer Hangat Village.



There were some foot spas like this.



This was the largest foot spa.



And there were also private jacuzzis.



Private jacuzzi space was like this. The water was salty and a bit cold.



This spa village is surrounded by nature. Not only trees and grass fields but..



I could see something in the field..



Flock of birds and a buffalo! It’s like a time trip back in BC 3000 to see such a scene.



After the spa, I visited Galleria Pendana. It’s a museum which showcases gifts the Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Bin Mohamed received from important people all over the world.



Nearly 2,000 collections were exhibited in this museum.




I like this golden fish which was a gift from Iran.



Horse carriages, gifts from the state of Kelantan in Malaysia.



Hallway full of national flags



Building itself was beautiful.



I took pictures just a part of 2,000 collections.



There were even cars exhibited. I like those classic cars.


After the museum, I visited Nature Park to see birds, especially flamingos.



It was just opened last year and there were not so many animals but as the girl working there said, its expanding and more animals are to be joining soon.



Flamingos. They are quite unique birds, so different from other birds.



I like the shape of their necks.



Long legs and a beautiful back shot.



They walk always together towards the same direction.



I cold see their wings having pink and black parts.



Other birds.



They opened their beaks and clutched my knees many times. I don’t know if it meant their attack full of hate or just a friendly greeting.



He was funny, crooking his neck and saw me like this.



His expressions were all funny.



Tiger, he didn’t move an inch but kept sleeping like this.



Lion, he is only 3 years old.



Looked boring alone.



Hyaena, he was always moving around in contrast .



Sometimes came closer to the show window. It was nice to see him in such a close look.



Wild dogs.



Wild cat


Goats, there were some very little goats in the cage.





They were so cautious and paid attention to my move.



Camel, you can enjoy a camel ride if you pay some money.






Bird park



There were birds and wallabies.



Many birds on branches.



He was eating sun flower seeds dextrously removing its shell with his beak and foot.



Rare bird



Peacock, he runs fast so it was hard to take his picture.



Wallabies, they were released in this bird corner so I could see them in very close distance.



Parakeets on the field.



After seeing the birds, I took a cab and headed for Kuah, the busiest town in the island. See the eagle in the picture? It’s not the real.



There is a big eagle in Eagle square near a ferry port. You can come to Langkawi from the ferry port in Penang, Malaysia. It would be a nice ferry trip but I already visited Penang in the begging of this month. Both places are so nice. I really love Malaysia these days.



Near the Eagle square, there was a shopping mall and I had late lunch, it was almost 17:00. I challenged a sweet corn drink in this picture.



Tom yam fried rice and corn float. Corn float was nice, if you weren’t told that it was made of corn, you would never notice it. I imagined it was like a staff like sugar added awfully sweet corn potage which would make me frown but it was absolutely not, so light taste yummy drink that worth a try.



After the meal, I relaxed at Starbucks for some hours till it closed. Having a cup of black coffee in cool air reset me for next action. I wanted to have dinner at a seafood restaurant Wander Land which is so popular for local people here.


Before going to the restaurant, I walked to a shopping mall 10 minutes walk away from Starbucks and popped in there a bit to see how it’s like.


It was like this. Here in Langkawi, there are some big duty free shopping malls like this. Good for shopping lovers.



Crane machine, there you see Doraemon.



Porches were exhibited in the shopping mall. For lucky draw or for sale? I don’t know.



After that, I grabbed a taxi and had dinner at Wonderland.



Guinness and clam with ginger butter sauce.



Tiger prawn with garlic sauce



It was about 36 RM for all.


After dinner, I dropped by this coffee shop to take a coffee break.



See this, so nice brilliant cafe restaurant.



I changed my mind and had alcohol. One more Guinness for a happy night.



And such happiness made me order this salmon salad and one more beer.



I really had good time in the bar restaurant and went back to the street near my hostel. I walked in a shopping mall to use a wash room and found such a unique T-shirt. It wont’ suit me but caught my eyes for its interesting design.



Sexy posing



All stars



There was a nice juice stand. Fun to just see such a shop in the street.





(Next day)