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Playing Doraemon song by piano (Doraemon No Uta)


Doraemon No Uta

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The reason why I made this song’s piano arrangement.

When I was about 11 or 12 years old, there was a recital for piano class students. It was a big headache for me at that time as I had never taken part in such an event and wasn’t confident enough to play piano.

I needed to play “Doraemon No Uta” there. I felt it was embarrassing to play such an anime song in front of kids younger than me as I thought they would play classical pieces which might a lot more difficult than mine. The thing was I had no classical pieces to play since I stayed a very beginner even after took about 3 years of lesson.

I tried my best not to take part in the recital. The way I came up was catching a cold. The day before the recital, when I went to bed, I kept the half part of my body out from my blanket.

It was winter. Letting the cold air in the room chill my body all night, I succeeded catching a cold. When I woke up in the next morning I felt dull feeling in my body and touching my forehead, it was hot. The heat promised my everlasting peace on the day and release from “the burden”.

I don’t need to leave for the recital today…

It was great relief for me. There was nothing I wanted other than this in this world at that time..

Decades later, I started learning piano from a teacher again and there was an annual recital. I decided to play two pieces. One is my original composition and the other is the Doraemon song.

The arrangement which I played when I was a child was so simple. There weren’t many notes on the score so that it was decent level for me to play at that time. But thinking to play it today as a grown-up man, it was too easy. I thought it would be great if I could draw up my original arrangement with much more rich and dynamic sound then play it in my first recital as a challenge.

This Doraemon song arrangement was made like this.

Unfortunately I couldn’t play this arrangement in the recital as I wasn’t prepared enough to focus on my original composition but I enjoyed my first time piano class held recital at that time.

Hope you enjoy my arrangement. It’s still simple but sounds dynamic and fun.